Background and Experience

Genium4 are a group of talented security professionals who have come together with the goal of creating lasting change for their clients. We recognise that real value for clients is achieved through fixing security issues, rather than reporting on them. As individuals, we each have a strong reputation for quality, empathy and smart-thinking, gained through the positive impact we have made for our clients over the years. Together, we bring complimentary technical, business and interpersonal skills which give us the ability to challenge the status quo and improve our clients’ security, for good.


Chris Gould

is an information risk expert with almost 30 years’ experience in assisting organisations throughout the world in assessing and managing technology related risks particularly relating to Information Security, Business Continuity and Crisis Management.


Mike Broomfield

is an accomplished and well-respected penetration tester and code reviewer having previously been head of delivery for a well-known penetration testing company. He is a seasoned security expert and solutions-driven professional with 15 years of experience assuring that critical business assets are protected.


Emily Hodges

has experience through PwC and independently helping clients to make ongoing improvements, to transform employees’ behaviour towards security and to step-up their security following an incident. Her focus is on understanding the challenges of those on the ground, and helping them to make realistic, practical changes.


George Thompson

has over 20 years’ experience in Information Security at Director level in IBM, KPMG and PwC. He has led many cyber transformation projects for some of the largest global clients. George brings a wide range of skills from his prior roles in Product Engineering, Procurement, Marketing and Project Management.

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