Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing gives organisations insights into the real weaknesses in their security and, when properly performed, allows them to understand and remediate not just the vulnerabilities themselves but the root causes that underlie them. When we work with organisations we take the approach of assuming compromise as we know that protective technologies consistently fail. This allows us to focus on how organisations are protected from the inside and find out the exposure to a threat once within the organisation.

Penetration testing can cover a wide range of tests such as business logic and internal processes, network infrastructure, business applications or physical access. Our experts imitate real world hackers trying to infiltrate systems, allowing our clients to harden their defenses against possible attacks.

Red Team Testing

We can emulate persistent, motivated, and heavily resourced attackers by using advanced tactics, techniques and procedures to infiltrate the organization and achieve realistic scenario goals.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

We offer a variety of customizable testing options to meet our clients’ specific goals; we can act as an outsider with limited knowledge or as an internally authenticated user, or a combination.

Application Security Testing

We test web and mobile applications to identify vulnerabilities that may result from poor programming or mistakes during implementation or configuration.

Application Source Code Review

Unlike traditional code auditing approaches, we do not rely solely on automated mechanisms to identify vulnerabilities. Instead, we follow a targeted approach which allows us to gain an understanding of the investigated application and focus on areas of greatest risk.

IoT Security Testing

We provide a comprehensive evaluation of all facets of an embedded system, ranging from high-level architecture review and firmware analysis to in-depth hardware security testing.
Many of our competitors in this space will stop at this point, leaving their clients to work out what to do next. Our ethos of making lasting change means that we don’t stop here; we always include a root cause analysis and post project workshop with the relevant stakeholders to understand why vulnerabilities and risks exist and how to improve processes to eliminate them in the future. For us, a successful penetration test is one where the client knows how to fix the underlying issues (e.g. poor patch management processes, software development and testing processes) and that when we come to retest, related issues are not found.
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