Effective Security Operations

We often hear from boards and business leadership that they are unable to understand whether they are getting an effective return on their investment into security. Security is often seen as an ‘expensive black box’ which results in frustration from the business, sidelining of the CISO and security team and inappropriate budgetary controls. There is often, therefore, a pressure on CISOs to do more with less and to build and operate efficient and effective security capabilities. We help our clients improve security operations and the transparency to the business by:
Developing meaningful KPIs and leadership focused dashboards to demonstrate effectiveness of the security team, risks and return on investment. This can be used to support funding requests, demonstrate progress and to prioritise security spend;
Streamlining security operations by moving to a model of active defence using threat intelligence to focus SOC operations on actual credible threats to the business. Where we have implemented this we have also seen a significant improvement in SOC analyst performance and reduction in staff turnover;
Optimising security processes such as patch and vulnerability management to improve overall security. Results from our penetration testing and breach response projects have shown that patch and vulnerability management is one of the key areas where issues arise;
Optimising business processes through the use of security technologies, for example, through the effective integration of Identity and Access Management tools that deliver tangible business savings as well as improving security. We also help an organisation to extract the maximum value out of their investments in security technologies, such as Privileged Access Management and Threat Intelligence which have traditionally not yielded their full value.
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